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No Obligation Net-90 Onsite Consignment Stock

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Take advantage of Griffin IT's Net-90 Consignment Program for onsite new and refurbished micros, laptops and PoE. Deploy consignment stock as "puppy" demo units your users can try before they buy. Our in-house 3YR Advanced Replacement Warranty starts at the time of resale to your user whenever you self-invoice it in portal. We also provide free return ship for any unsold units nearing the end of their 90-day consignment period.

What to expect?

  • Login into Portal via SSO: Use you existing O365 or Google account to access our portal via single sign-on.

  • Creating Subaccounts: Add staff with scalable permission levels to quote, purchase and pay orders as needed.

  • Add Upgrades: Found a model that fits but it needs more ram or storage? Let's beef it up.

  • Direct Ship: Add addresses as needed for direct to user shipment; we never include pricing/paperwork.

  • Self-Invoice: Bill sold units by service tag in portal, thus creating pay link and starting your 3YR Advanced Replacement coverage.

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